The most extraordinary cockpit for sale here is our B-52.  The first B-52 entered military service in 1954. The B-52 cockpit being sold here first flew in 1959 with tail number 59-2579 and is a "G" model.  This particular B-52 flew in operation "Desert Storm" in the early '90's.  The B-52 is the longest-serving bomber in U.S. military history.  For more information and photos of the B-52 click on the B-52 cockpit shown above, or visit our ad on eBay,  or email the owner at

Note:  In addition to the B-52 the following cockpits are also for sale: C-130 Hercules, F-101 Voodoo (simulator), KC-97 Stratotanker, P-2 Neptune, S-2 Tracker, and AT-17 (T-50) Bobcat.  Click on any of the above photos for more information on an individual cockpit.

In addition to aircraft cockpits and other aircraft memorabilia I also have a number of vintage and specialty cars for sale including: A '62 Eldorado pictured above,  a 1954 Bentley, a 1972 Jaguar, a vintage 1972 Pontiac Formula 455, and more.  For more information  about the cars email me at